About Us

We are committed to empower you, the screenwriter,

to write a "what a script!" screenplay, a screenplay that wow's the reader and the audience.


Because we LOVE stories. Stories that make us laugh, stories that make us cry, stories that uplifts our human spirit.

Who are we?

We are story tellers, aka screenwriters.

Source Code

The Source Code

Inside of our commitment to empower you, we want to let you know what we discovered.


Because we believe in open source and sharing.

We make available on this website the"source code" of screenwriting so that you don't have to spend months and years finding out how to structure a screenplay, format it and write great dialogues.

We learned it ourselves the hard and long way.

We made many mistakes, wrote plenty of on the nose dialogue, lost ourselves in the second act, used a lot of "we see, we hear" and camera directions, before we discovered for ourselves how it could be different.

How we could just tell a story, a story that flows and causes an emotional impact, a story that will be read, not tossed.

There are of course many source codes available out there.

We choose to focus on the main stream distinctions of screenwriting.

We invite you to apply them to your story until you can own them and be at the source of them.

We invite you as well to share your findings on this website and empower others to tell stories that inspire them.

The Whatascript.com team


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Meet the team

  • Chris

    aka Colter

    He's the founder of Whatascript.
    He was on a journey to learn the screenwriting craft when he came up with this viral worldwide screenwriting community dedicated to empower fellow screenwriters. He recruited the rest of the pack, based on their specific skills and their willingness to contribute.

  • David

    aka Blablator

    His mouth completely open speaks for itself. He's all about dialogue.
    His specialty? Turning "on the nose" dialogues into the sound of music.
    His favorite video? well, you'll never guess.
    His signature article? 13 rules to write a great dialogue

  • Matt

    aka Formatman

    His large "F" on the chest stands for "Format".
    His track record? saving many poorly formatted scripts.
    Check his articles on the "10 commandments of screenplay format".
    His favorite expression? "May the Format be with you!" And, yes, he's a fan of Star Wars.

  • Sean

    aka Structor

    His "thing" is script structure. He's got it into his bones.
    He dissects screenplays in 11 pictures.
    His favorite screenwriter? Academy awards William Goldman who said that the 3 most important aspects of screenwriting are: 1. structure, 2. structure and 3. structure.

  • Alex

    aka Cool Dude

    He's so much about character, that his body is an expression of it (arc and backstory).
    His favorite quote? It's from the Nolan brothers in Dark Knight. You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain. And yes, he's a fan of "The Big Lebowski".

  • Jason

    aka BAM!

    Story is conflict. And BAM! is our conflict expert.
    Small, big, with weapon or tongue as ammunition, he knows them all and "dissects" some (e.g. the breakup scene in Good Will Hunting). His favorite expression? it comes straight from Jerry Maguire: Show me the conflict!

  • Dr. Read, the screenplay stories expert


    aka Dr. Read

    His job? telling the highlights of screenplays and writing coverage reports on screenwriting books.
    His identity? Hidden.
    His favorite movie quote? It's from Quentin Tarantino in True romance: "So in the chance you're in the dark about some of this, let me shed some light."

  • Timothy

    aka Byteman

    He's the techie amongst us.
    Without him, you would not have access to the "source code".
    He takes care of the IT and of this website.
    His dream quote? It's from Scott Wiper in The Condemned: "Over the past 24 hours, millions have logged on to his Web site."

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