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Social Network

Breaking Screenwriting News

Storyville, the capital city of stories. Every corner you turn, you meet people sharing stories about screenwriting. Stories they created, stories they heard. Big, small, it doesn't matter.

The famous news agent, G. Oogle, crissed crossed the city and made a selection of the latest screenwriting news.

And we will start with the news #1 for all those who travel to Storyville: the weather!

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Breaking Screenwriters News

Dudetown is all about people. You, us, other screenwriters, and even characters coming straight from screenplays. You'll meet them all in Dudetown.

We asked our news agent, the well known Y.Ahoo, to talk to the great people of Dudetown and come back with the latest screenwriters news.

But first, for all of you who have travel plans to go to Dudetown, the weather forecast:

The latest movie trailers of produced screenplays

To write a great screenplay it's important to watch a lot of movies and see how the story gets told.

How did the screenwriters avoid the Top 7 Deadly Flaws of a Bad Screenplay?
What had their screenplay be read, not tossed?

You'll find a lot of answers when watching this selection of movies currently shown in a theater near you.

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-- "The Social Network", David Fincher (director), Jeff Cronenweth (director of photography), Jesse Eisenberg, Aaron Sorkin (screenplay)

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Live from Storyville

Good Will Hunting Good Will Hunting
Learn from the masters and apply the findings of our in-depth script analysis to your own screenplay.

patchwork of free movie scripts posters Don't miss these free movie scripts!
Easy online access and simplified choice thanks to our links.

Dead Poets Society Dead Poets Society
Learn from the masters and apply the findings of our in-depth script analysis to your own screenplay.

Live from Dialogueville

Dialogue rule #9:
Applying this rule or not tells the reader immediately if you're a beginner or advanced screenwriter.

Dialogue rule #12:
Apply this rule and get a definite edge in your ability to write dialogues

Dialogue rule #11 Dialogue rule #11:
Discover one of the deal breakers for the reader with a quiz - and how to avoid it

Dialogue rule #3 Dialogue rule #3:
It gives you a guideline regarding the number of words to use when writing dialogues

Colonel Jessep Dialogue function #1:
Colonel Jessep from A Few Good Men reveals in an explosive interview the 5 dialogue functions

Dialogue rule #10 Dialogue rule #10:
It's about taking drastic measures and being clear about who your real friends are.

Repetition Dialogue Technique It's not your fault.
Sean Maguire on the repetition dialogue technique and how it works.

Will Hunting letter I had to go and see about a girl.
The setup and payoff dialogue technique and how it works.

"Take your Mother to Khandala and eat some chiki!"
Show master Prem Kumar on the put down dialogue technique.

Sam from Life as a House Dialogue rule #7:
It's probably the most important rule.
And you get to apply it with a quiz.

You know I don't like to wear any underwear,don't you, Nick?
Catherine Trammel on the unexpected dialogue technique.

Dialogue function #2:
Colonel Jessep from A Few Good Men reveals the 5 functions of dialogue in an explosive interview

I was a reasonably happy kid. I was brought up in Brooklyn during World War II
The juxtaposition dialogue technique and how it works.

Dialogue rule #13:
It's the ultimate test to know if your dialogues work

"Honey, there's a spider in your bathroom the size of a Buick"
Alvy Singer on the exaggeration dialogue technique.

"There's two things that aggravate me. Being ignored and being lied to."
Erin Brockovich on the list dialogue technique.

Live from Formatville

Formatville, city board The 10 commandments of screenplay format:
What they are and why you must live by them

Screenplay format commandment #10 Screenplay Format Commandment #10:
Phone calls. They are in every movie. How do you write them?

Screenplay format commandment #5 Screenplay Format Commandment #5:
How to direct without using camera directions.

Where am I? Screenplay Format Commandment #2
How to tell the reader where and when the scene happens so that he doesn't get lost.

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